About Me

  • Keywords: Music and HCI (Interactive System on Musical Experience), Human-Artificial Intelligence Interaction
  • Email: atsuya_wgp4346 [at] keio.jp
  • Hobbies: Electric Guitar, Drums, Electric Bass, Koto (Japanese Traditional Harp)


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Keio SFC Eccentric Research Grant 2020

Licenses & Certifications

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (2017/11)

Honors & Awards

アジアデジタルアート大賞展FUKUOKA 2021, 一般カテゴリー インタラクティブアート部門入賞 “Compressed ideograph-visualized”, スコットアレン, 高石圭人, 石井飛鳥, 渋谷和史, リボクカン, 小林篤矢, 徳井直生

やまなしメディア芸術アワード2021, Y-SILVER (優秀賞), “Compressed ideograph-visualized”, Scott Allen, 高石圭人, 石井飛鳥, 渋谷和史, リボクカン, 小林篤矢, 徳井直生

優秀卒業プロジェクト, 慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス 2020 年度


3rd Prize, Excellent Student Paper Award, IEEE 1st Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies (LifeTech 2019)

Co-author (2nd author) of accepted paper "Decoding Relative Pitch Imagery Using Functional Connectivity; An Electroencephalographic Study" by Sakamoto Shu. (3/2019)

3rd Prize, Data Science Challenge by FUJIFILM Brain(s)

Data Analysis (image recognition, image processing) Competition for students held by FUJIFILM AI Center (2/2019)

Digital Innovators Grand Prix 8, First runner-up

Presentation Title "Book Gym: Providing Extraordinary Reading by Redefined Value of Reading" http://dmc-lab.sfc.keio.ac.jp/dig7/ (3/2019)

Digital Innovators Grand Prix 7, First runner-up

Presentation Title "Improve Plan of Japanese Restaurant Review System Via Semantic Vectorization of Review Text" http://dmc-lab.sfc.keio.ac.jp/dig7/ (9/2018)



  • Japanese (native)
  • English (newbie)


  • Python
    Natural Language Processing, Data visualization, Machine Learning, Japanese Natural Language Processing, DNN with some libraries (scipy, sklearn, Keras, Pytorch, Optuna, gensim...etc), simple web api, Make LINE chatbot
  • JavaScript(node.js)/TypeScript
    SPA development with React, prototyping with Vue.js, Simple web app tools on Google Apps Script.
  • Swift
  • PHP
    Build CMS on WordPress (make custom theme from scratch)
  • HTML5/CSS3
    Markup, oocss like architecture responsive coding and simple animations.
  • Max/MSP
    OSC, Max for Live Devices
  • R
    Data analysis and visualization (ex. multi var linear regression, generalized linear models (glmnet) etc..)
  • C++
    Audio app prototyping with JUCE